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Astrology sessions are done in person or by phone. 

Establishing trust with my clients is my goal.  
Privacy and confidentiality are always ensured.  

How do I schedule an initial session?  

Begin by filling out the "Request Information" on this page.

Please be sure to include in your request: 

1. Your Birth Date (Month, Day and Year of birth)  
2. Place of your birth (City, State, Country) 
3. Birth Time as stated on your Birth Certificate

How important is an accurate time of birth? 
The time of birth is critical in calculating an accurate birth chart and interpreting it. Birth times that are incorrect by as little as half an hour can radically alter the entire meaning of a birth chart and any forecasting methods.  

The following link is for birth records in the United States:

Request for Birth Records 

What is the cost of a session? 
Each consultation is unique.  
Please message with your question, need 
and/or desires in a consultation. 
Payments accepted via Credit Card, Paypal or Venmo.  

What kind of information will be 
discussed in the session?  
Usually, the first session is an in-depth analysis of your birth chart. What we discuss in each session depends on what is happening in your life at the time.  Each session varies in content, from one client to another, and from one session to the next.  Every encounter is unique and I focus on what is relevant and important in your at the time.  

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