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Dedicated to helping others live an authentic life and to give them the opportunity to learn more about themselves.

My Code of Ethics:
To respect personal beliefs and lifestyles
To be professional and compassionate
To maintain the clients confidentiality
To provide counsel without judgment 
To hold the highest good of all involved
Astrology can be useful for a wide range of topics.  Here are just a few...

-personality characteristics 
-children, home and family   relationships
-vocational and educational guidance 
-relationship matters, sex and     marriage 
-health indicators
-big psychological shifts in your life
-financial opportunities
-periods of difficulties
-periods to proceed and expand
-periods to take it easy

Astrology and Tarot are not remedies; nor a therapies, but they can be helpful tools in a way that I've found nothing else can, especially if someone is feeling stuck, lost or confused. 

​           I have so much gratitude 
  for your trust and support.

Disclaimer:  The information on this website should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health condition or disease and is not intended as a substitute for consulting with your physician or healthcare provider.  Website for education purposes only.