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Astrology is the science of relationships and our inner selves.  It is the study of how the movement of the planets and constellations affect your emotions, behavior and spiritual growth.  Astrology has been well documented for over 2,000 years.  

Do you want to truly know yourself?  What a powerful gift- to know your true self. In the analysis of Astrology you may find your true self and begin to respect your inner guidance.  Astrology helps us to understand the universal forces working on us, and through this understanding we will find that we can cope with our life situations much easier.  

Everyone longs to know what the future holds. But, you cannot understand your future without first understanding your past- in order words, to know yourself.  The first step is to go back to the moment of your birth.  With your birth date and time of your birth, we can chart your personal birth chart that will reveal your character traits, relationship indicators,  career potential and more.   Astrological readings often  help to confirm what you already have known intuitively!

What is an Astrology chart?  Your natal chart is like a map that shows your placement of the planets in the sky at the place and time of your birth.  The sky is divided into 12 subsections, or "houses" into which the planets are located.  Each house represents a certain theme in your life (see link below).  The planet's position in a "house" and the zodiac sign that it is in at the time of your birth have great influence in your life.  As the planets pass through different houses in your birth chart during your lifetime, you will experience various energy influences and inner, as well as outer changes with them.   

Astrology is a wonderful tool that can help predict possible scenarios and events in your life journey.  

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"Astrology is a language.  If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you."  ~ Dane Rudhyar
The Zodiac signs and how they approach life:

AriesInitiating, active, finding new ways, going forth
Taurus: Generates resources, grounded, secure, sensual
Gemini: Spreading information, learning, communicating
Cancer: Nurturing, caring, helping
Leo: Creating, desiring admiration, grandiose
Virgo: Hardworking, serving others, detailed, perfecting
Libra: Initiating relationships, networking, seeking justice
Scorpio: Transforming, hidden, secret, taboo
Sagittarius: Seeking truth, higher knowledge, philosophical, travel
Capricorn: Striving to accomplish, working to manifest goals
Aquarius: Innovating, seeking new ways, breaking the mold
Pisces: Dreamy, universally loving, spiritual, mystical, creative

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