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 0   Fool                         
 1   Magician                  
 2   High Priestess          
 3   Empress
 4   Emperor
 5   Hierophant
 6   Lovers
 7   Chariot
 8   Strength
 9   Hermit
10  Wheel of Fortune
11  Justice
12  Hanged Man
13  Death
14  Temperance
15  Devil
16  Tower
17  Star
18  Moon
19  Sun
20  Judgement
21  World 
The Major Arcana
The number one,  The 'seeds' that are sprouting, Fresh ideas, A creative spark, New beginnings, Inspiration, Raw energy, New birth or project, Leadership, Something new starting, New life. 
Court Cards
Represent people in your life, Your sense of identity, Situations or events upcoming, Personality characteristics. 
Pages:   Young people (approximately up to early 20's).   Messengers, Bring important news, information or communication, New beginnings of situations. 
Knights:   Energetic young people (especially young men from late teens to mid-thirties).  The quest for knowledge, Seeking and courageous, A matter of consequence about to happen, Change, movement and action represented. 
Queens:   Mother figures, Women in the life (especially mature ones with authority), can also include men with the characteristics demonstrated by the Queens.  Creative, Caring, Nurturing.
Kings:   Father figures, Men in the life (especially mature).  Can represent leaders, those with authority, awards, publicity. 

Past - Present - Future 
Body - Mind - Spirit
Situation - Challenge - Outcome 
You  -  Your partner  -  Both of you as a union