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Life is ever-changing...
and the issues that people bring to a session include everything from 
career, marriage, children, relationships, health, and money.
My sessions are always built around who you are, how your "inner" machinery works, 
and what challenges you face- interpreted in the light of 
It is helpful to know that the "storms" of life will pass, as well as 
when periods of expansive opportunities will be coming into your life.     

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At the moment we were born, the moving planets painted a picture that told a story about us. It is a special and unique picture that is all our own. Your planetary picture is an individual road map for the path of your life.
This special picture is most often referred to as your Astrology Chart (ie., Birth Chart) and everyone’s chart will play out differently- no matter how closely they resemble each other. 
The Astrology Chart reveals how we exist in the world and what kinds of personality traits we have, as well as prominent influences and 'needs' in our lives. The placement of each planet and how they were speaking to the other planets (including the Sun and Moon) at the moment you were born, tell a fascinating
 tale about YOU. 

Astrology is not only about the future, but is also about the past and present. The planets can shed light on your past, present and future all at the same time…. and that’s the beauty of Astrology.
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